The VDSC’s Inaugural Arts Gala will be taking place virtually this year due to COVID-19. This event is intended to highlight the innovative and creative works of students in the Vancouver School Board and celebrate the talent of young artists. From painting to photography, to musical ensembles, the Arts Gala will entail an abundance of beauty and fun through the appreciation of art by local young artists.

The participating Artists will gain EXPOSURE by displaying a variety of digital arts mediums, such as digital illustration, imaging, painting and photography, this year’s Digital Arts Gala will provide VSB students the opportunity to showcase their talents.

If you are interested in participating in the VSB Digital arts Gala, please contact your VDSC representatives, your local students' council members or students' council sponsor. 

Founded in 1997, The VDSC is a committee of dedicated student representatives from all 18 secondary schools and 22 alternative programs at the VSB. For further information about VDSC  please email: or  follow us on: 

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