Students' Issues 

  "Students voice creates engagement between students and their school district, allowing for a meaningful discussion about the education system"

Students are the future of our communities. What we are taught will be what we teach others, and ultimately impact the world. As the Student Issues Officer this year, I hope to give a wider platform to those whose voices cannot yet be heard. I wish to provoke deeper thought about our education, and the factors that affect it, by reporting your issues to the VDSC, and work tirelessly to find a solution. Students should advocate for themselves and take control of their learning environments. With the Student Issues Box, which is available to all students within the Vancouver School Board, we can amplify our voices towards a change in our reality. We should feel empowered to constantly voice our opinions and see changes in the decisions that impact our education system.

------ Students Issues Officer, Fiona Chang 2019

How will we pinpoint an issue?

Student Issues committee members and VDSC reps are to pinpoint which issues students are most concerned with within their school communities. This site will also act as a resource for students to reflect upon their school experience differently upon viewing opinions expressed here by their peers. We are considering every aspect of the school experience, asking students how they feel about course assessment, teaching styles, and student roles in administrative decisions.  We will be including student opinions around each of these broad topics as well as specific student concerns that may be specific to one school. If a common issue is prevalent across multiple schools, it will be addressed as the first priority by the VDSC, and will be the "Issue of the Month". 

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Students' Issues

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