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Building New Connections


What is SSS?

In the Sister School Switch (SSS) each secondary school is matched with another secondary school. Our goal is to unite students from across the district in order to help better hear the student voice!

The Sister School Switch (SSS) is in its 15th year as a VDSC initiative that helps the school district (Senior Managers, Superintendents, Teachers, Principals and Trustees for example) better understand the issues that students value most in our education system.

The theme of this year’s switch will be student resiliency, and how to build connections and capacity in the school setting. SSS serves as an integral part of upholding the VDSC’s mandate of fostering and strengthening inter school connections.

SSS began in 2005 and the event has run every year until 2020 due to the pandemic. Returning to a sense of normalcy this school year, VDSC is eager to foster collaboration with students across the district.



FEB 14TH: Applications due to school admin.

FEB 15TH: Admin must select 6 successful applicants and forward their information to VDSC Advisor,

MARCH 1ST: Mandatory orientation for all participating members at the VSB Ed Centre from 2:30pm-3:30pm. 

MARCH 2ND: 1st rotation: One school group attends their sister school (one school group is the host)

MARCH 3RD: 2nd rotation: The second school group attends their sister school (the school group that visited in the 1st rotation is now the host)

MARCH 7TH: Student forum and report out at the Creekside Community Centre from 8:30 AM- 11:30 AM




→Who can participate?

Only grade 10-12 students within the Vancouver School Board’s 18 secondary schools can apply. 


→When does the SSS occur?

The timeline for SSS is as follows:

March 1st- SSS orientation

March 2nd- Switch day 1

March 3rd- Switch day 2

March 7th- SSS reflection event


→How do I apply?

Contact your school’s admin/student council sponsor for an application form.


→When are applications due?

Applications must be handed in to school admin by February 14th, 2023.


→How many students can participate?

Only six students out of the ten application forms allotted per school, two from each grade (10-12).


→Why only ten application forms?

In the interest of aiding school sponsors in the selection process, only ten forms will be distributed to each school to avoid a mass amount of applications.


→How are students chosen? 

The selection of students for the SSS are not controlled by the VDSC, but instead through individual school admin. 


→How are students partnered?

Students will be paired through a randomized draw. Participating students must be prepared to travel anywhere throughout the district to meet their partner school.

→Will I have to miss any school?

Students participating in the SSS must be prepared to miss up to 2 days of in-session class for the event (One for the day they are visiting their partner school, half a day for the pre-SSS orientation, half a day for the post-SSS reflection event. Missing any of these dates is non-negotiable unless unprecedented circumstances occur).

More questions? DM or email us!

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