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December General Meeting

Updated: Feb 15, 2020

The December General Meeting took place on the 3rd and the Vancouver District Students' Council had a guest speaker. Valerie Ng, who is a member of the Campus Ambassador Program at UBC and a formal member of the VDSC, presented an informational session on UBC Sauder School of Business. We are very grateful to Valerie for providing additional information to the students.

After the presentation, the Council had a round table discussion on the new "Proficiency Scale". Students were upset about the Proficiency scale and plan to hold a meeting with a Ministry member for the January meeting. The prevalent issue this month that has been submitted to the Student Issues Box. Multi-faceted solutions were presented to the Council and students gained insight into the issue.

More signage and support for the Climate Strikes will be brought to the VSB Board meeting on the 28th by the student trustee.

The 18th of December will be the last day of the Canley cup. We are excited for results to be submitted!

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