May 19, 2017 Sir Charles Tupper Secondary 

Passport to Play was started in 2009 by three members of the Vancouver District Students’ Council who were inspired by a speech from a Paralympian. It was made financially possible by the City of Vancouver with the “Host a City Happening” Grant Program available at the time. The event was hosted at John Oliver Secondary School in both 2009 and 2010 by Chris Fuouco, a teacher and wrestling coach at John Oliver. Vancouver District Students’ Council decided to restart the program in partnership with Eric Hamber Secondary leadership classes and solely through voluntarism and community sponsorship. Eric Hamber Secondary hosted the event in both 2013 and 2015. It was an incredible success. Passport to Play 2017 will be held at Sir Charles Tupper Secondary School on May 19.

Activities 2017 

Martial Arts


Hosted by: Tupper P.E. Department

Athletes will be lead through a general warm-up followed by a wrestling specific warm-up – emphasizing cooperation and emotional control. The athletes will then be lead through a series of wrestling specific situations. No prior wrestling experience necessary.

Weight Lifting

Hosted by: Tupper P.E. Department
Athletes will be taught the three disciplines of powerlifting: bench press, deadlift, and squats. After a good warm-up all the athletes will attempt three lifts in each of the disciplines. The athletes will attempt to achieve personal bests. No prior experience is required.

Track and Field

Hosted by: Tupper P.E Department

In this activity, athletes will participate in a number of skills related to relay racing, including stretching, passing the baton, and running for speed.

Bollywood Dance

Hosted by: Shiamak Victory Dance Program

This dance activity offers an opportunity for athletes to express themselves, and learn some dance skills at the same time. Students will learn some basic dance moves, and work on a choreographed dance.


Hosted by: Tupper Softball Team

Softball is a popular sport all over the world, and is very similar to baseball. Athletes will have the chance to work on basic skills like base running, throwing, catching and hitting, as well as playing a mini-game.

Rhythmic Gymnastics 

Hosted by: Power to Be

ProgramCooperative obstacle course with adaptive elements in it. Throughout the obstacle course there will be stations that they go to with nature based initiatives.


Hosted by: Blazin’ Soccer Dogs

This event will introduce students to basic soccer skills,such as shooting, passing, and dribbling. Athletes will then have time for a quick game.


Hosted by: Canucks Autism Network

I CAN Play Hockey teaches basic hockey skills to children and youth with autism in a safe and supportive environment. The program will introduce participants to stick handling, passing and shooting.

Obstacle Course

Hosted by: Power to Be

Cooperative obstacle course with adaptive elements in it. Throughout the obstacle course there will be stations that they go to with nature based initiatives.

Boccia Ball

Hosted by: Sportabilit

Boccia has become increasingly popular because of its versatility and how much fun it is to play! All athletes will learn some quick skills before participating in games.


Hosted by: Sirota’s Alchym

Learn dynamic and exciting martial arts and self-defense skills instructed by Sirota's Alchymy. Participants will gain knowledge about martial arts and personal safety. Learn from the global pioneers and leaders of Para-Taekwondo!

Hosted by: Yoga It U

“Facilitating life skills for emotional & mental well-being to children and youth”. Enjoy a session of yoga that will change your life forever! Practice breathing techniques, mindfulness activities, Hatha yoga poses, and more!


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